Friday, August 03, 2007

Sea Anemone Team at Sungei Buloh

The sea anemone team was out again on 2 Aug, and this time round, to Sungei Buloh!

Like all previous trips, there were also a lot of digging this time round. However, unlike the past few times, the digging was much easier as it was mostly mud, not like the rocks and coral rubble that we had to negotiate with previously.

And above is one of the anemones that we dug out from the soft mud.

According to world anemone expert, Dr Daphne, we found a total of 3 species of anemones on that day.

The above is an Anthopleura handi. which is named after Dr Daphne's professor, Prof Hand.

This is a bigger stripped anemone, which we found under the mangrove boardwalk. Can't remember the name though :P

This is another species of stripped anemone, which according to Swee Hee (if I remember correctly) was growing on a shell.

Apart from sea anemones, we had other surprise finds too!

This is the rare seagrass, Halophila beccarii! Had heard Siti and Ria saying previously that there were records of it at Sungei Buloh, though they haven't had the time to got and to confirm that.

It's just amazing to see them growing every where! Before this I had only seen them at Chek Jawa! We collected some sample and Andy kindly offered to bring it to Siti.

And while I was getting the seagrass sample, I saw a little lump moving under the mud near me.

It was a little horseshoe crab! Note that horseshoe crabs are not true crabs actually, but are more closely related to scorpions.

It was certainly a very fruitful day, finding all the anemones and the other 2 special finds.

We managed to finish earlier than expected, and had a good wash-up with the water provided by the Sungei Buloh staff. Here's a BIG THANK YOU to them :)

After the walk, a few of us stayed back to chit chat and relax as we didn't have to rush back to work.

As we were releaxing at the cafetaria, A huge monitor lizard swam by, took a look at us before turning away, heading towards the other side of the pond.

There were several red ear sliders too.

Isn't this a great way to spend a morning? Sitting by the pond, and you are so close to nature?

Definitely one of the best ways to de-stress, don't you think so? :)

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