Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Trip to Sedili

Went to Sedili, Johor, recently with a few nature volunteer kakis.

It was certainly a good break for me, as I was really busy with work for the past few days. Sedili was of course a very beautiful place, with a lovely rocky shore and lot's of natural sights in the surrounding.

This was the hut that JL, SJ and I shared during out stay in Sedili.

JH, CH, LK, HW and Prof T stayed in smaller huts like the ones above.

Some of the huts were built on the edge of a very beautiful pond with lots of water lilies.

Right next to our resort was a long stretch of spectacular rocky shore with majestic cliffs.

We spotted this pair of flying lizards on our way to the rocky shore.

And here's the pretty rocky shore upclose!

While taking a walk among the mangrove trees on the rocky shore, we found several insects on a leaf. Looked like ants to me, but I'd never seen ants in such colours before, so I'm not really sure. Below the insects on the leaf surface were white-coloured stuff which looked like eggs. Not sure if they were guarding the eggs, laying eggs, or eating the eggs.

We found the shell of a turtle as well. It was still stinking really badly, so we thought it probably died just not too long ago.

Several periwinkles were trying to minimise their contact with the baking-hot rocks.

The resort was facing the South China Sea, and we were treated to a beautiful sun rise in the morning.

The resort also had a pool, but unfortunately we found several dead insects inside. Here's a rhino beetle we saved using a broom stick from the pool.

We also took a walk to a freshwater swamp forest, and found several pretty forest dragonflies.

We also found a few damselflies by the various streams.

The swamp forest slowly become a coastal hill forest as we climbed higher, and eventually reach a lovely patch of lallang on a hill.

In the coastal forest, we found several trees with mistletoes growing on them.

There were lots of young tongkat ali trees in the coastal forest.

We also found a patch with several Raffles pitcher plants.

We also managed to take a look at the sandy shore, and found many beach tacca there. Somehow, they reminded me of ostriches.

We also visited the mangrove area, which has lots of interesting mangrove trees and cute little blue spotted mudskippers.

On our last day there, we went down to the rocky shore again, and found several blue striped hermit crabs! Have seen them in Ubin and Semakau, but never took any photos. Finally, I remembered to take a few photos this time round.

Am really glad that I went for this trip. It was a nice and quiet place with a great view, and of course, the company was great too :P


Momto5 said...

Hey Ron, nice shots! Sedili sounds and looks really relaxing and enjoyable. Glad you had a good time there. Take care, and keep in touch! And if I ever need to go to Chek Jawa or Semakau, I know the best person to call!

Lily said...

Hi Ron, can give me the name of this beautiful & interesting place in Sedili?

tHE tiDE cHAsER said...

Thanks Pat :)

Hi Lily, you can get more info from the resort's website here.