Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tioman Field Study Camp with Nature Explorers Day 2

Day 2 was packed with activities. We started off with taking a boat to Pulau Renggis for snorkeling.

I led the secondary school group with WK, while TL led the primary school group. Here's a quick group shot near the stern of the boat.

Two of the students missed the group shot as they were at the bow of the boat.

This was the other boat with the primary school group.

We reached Pulau Renggis after takign the boat for about half an hour. And it's time to head into the water!

The teachers also got ready to jump!

Once everyone got into the water, we had a group shot.

Here's another one.

We were really lucky that not long after we started snorkeling, we saw a turtle!

Did not take many photos for this trip, as the tide was quite high, and visibility wasn't good. Here's a Cushion Star among the Staghorn Corals.

Towards the end of the snorkeling session, we even saw a Blacktip Reef Shark!

Our second snorkeling site was the marine park, which I didn't take any good photos due to the poor visibility.

We headed back to the resort for lunch around 1pm.

After lunch, it's freshwater ecology time!

The students were brought to a freshwater stream to do sampling.

This group of students were using the "rock-and-roll" method.

They got a little too ambitious after a while and went for the really huge rocks.

And here's checking what they got in the net.

The other method is the "kick-and-sweep" method.

This method is more useful in areas with vegetation.

After about an hour or so, we moved to another part of the stream with deeper water and bigger boulders.

In some parts, the water went all the way to the students' thighs.

It was a little hard to "rock-and-roll" with the big boulders.

And after the sampling session was a relaxing session sitting around the stream and chit chat and makan!

It certainly was a tiring day for the students.

In the evening after dinner, we had a quick briefing to prepare them for the intertidal walk, before we quickly sent them to bed.

The intertidal walk would take place very early on the next day, in fact, around 1am!

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