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Kranji and Sungei Buloh on 30 Dec 2010

Made a trip to Kranji Nature Trail to explore the mangroves last Thursday, and while I did not see the much talked about Bruguiera hainesii, there were still quite a number of interesting sightings.

Mangrove Leaf Slugs (Elysia bangtawaensis)
The most exciting find will be these Mangrove Leaf Slugs (Elysia bangtawaensis) - my first time seeing them! Not sure exactly what they feed on, but will assume it to be some algae, similar to other species of leaf slugs. These slugs can store the chloroplast of the algae that they feed on, and use it for photosynthesis!

There were so many of them in this puddle of water.

There were many Gedabu (Sonneratia ovata) trees here, and many of them were fruiting. This mangrove plant is said to be critically endangered in Singapore.

Yet another exciting find will be this other critically endangered mangrove plant - the Berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris). This was a really huge tree, but unfortunately the top part of the tree was broken off, but I could see new branches growing where the trunk broke.

Several Mangrove Cannonball Trees (Xylopcarpus granatum) were fruiting, and we found a fallen fruit below one of them. The seeds inside are dispersed by water.

Like most of our northern mangrove forests, there were huge patches of the Beccari's Seagrass (Halophila beccarii).

We also spotted a Black Spitting Cobra, but unfortunately I did not managed to get any photos as it was moving too fast into the undergrowth.

We moved on to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, and soon spotted this Mangrove Tit-Berry (Allophyllus cobbe) with its bright red fruits.

The Teruntum Putih (Lumnitzera racemosa) with its pretty little white flowers.

At the main bridge, I spotted a Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) - my first time having a decent photo of this pretty bird.

And I was really delighted to see the Brownlowia tersa blooming!

Here's a closer look at the pretty flowers.

I went to the boardwalk to take a look at the Kalak Kambing (Finlaysonia obovata) which I noticed was fruiting a few weeks ago, and interestingly, the fruit was still there!

And on a branch just next to the boardwalk, I spotted a Sultan (Camacinia gigantea) dragonfly.

Overall, a nice walk despite the little bit of rain! :)

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