Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stung by a Stonefish

Not me, but LK.

Stonefish (Synanceia horrida)
Here's Mr Synanceia horrida, which was half buried in mud when LK stepped onto it, and landed her in hospital just a few hours ago. According to the doctor, her condition was alright, though the pain was still unbearable. Accordingly to what I have read, the pain can be so bad that it felt as if your leg got chopped off. Hope she will recover and get discharged soon.

The stonefish appeared to have suffered a rather bad injury too, with part of its skin being torn off. Hopefully it will recover from this ordeal as well.

Exploring our shores has its dangers, and even the experienced ones are not spared sometimes. So if you are new to intertidal explorations, please follow a guided walk organised by the various nature groups. At least the dangers are minimised. We are not kidding when we ask you to follow our trail, so that if (touch wood) anything goes wrong, the leading guide would get it first.


koksheng said...

Hope Luan Keng will get well soon! It must be terrible to be stung by the stonefish...

Aquatic Whispers Team said...

Aquatic Whispers Team(despite 2 of us never having heard of her before)wishes Ms Wang a speedy recovery.Remus was uncontrollable when he heard the news.