Friday, March 23, 2007

Operation Thunder Crab

It was still dark when we received the dawn mission.

Two of our own forces, Leather Jacket and Thunder Lord, were taken by the mysterious Bubuman. Nobody knew the Bubuman's true identity. We only knew that he was a master of traps. The bubu traps he designed looks flimsy, but once you get in, it is almost impossible to escape without external help.

The rescue mission was assigned to AL (Weapon: Iron Poker), and me, the Tide Chaser (Weapon: Metallic Chops). The Urban Forest (Weapon: Flash Box) also decided to join us for some on-the-job training.

With help from one of the best transporter in the region, the Bumboater, we managed to sneak onto the Frog Island safe and sound.

Pulau Sekudu

The Bubuman was not on the island. One day, we might eventually have a confrontation, but today was not the day.

We found the trap easily. A cage made from iron, it looked simple, but was in fact a highly sophisticated trap.

Cage, bubu

It seemed that we had arrived too late. We had lost Leather Jacket.


However, we had no time for mourning. We saw that while Thunder Lord looked somewhat traumatised, he was still alive. Urban Forest and I quickly tried to deactivate the trap.


We managed to do it and the door of the trap opened. But alas! Thunder Lord was so traumatised that he had lost his mind, and refused to come out! AL and I decided to use our secret weapons to save him - his Iron Poker, and my Metallic Chops.

We poked and we pushed. But Thunder Lord, who had lost his mind, attacked us using his weapon - the Thunder Claws! There were rumours that once his Thunder Claws grab hold of something, they would only let go on hearing a clap of thunder. But of course, we knew that was bullshit. My Metallic Chops had fought several friendly matches with the Thunder Claws.

However, the Thunder Claws were still very powerful, and AL's Iron Poker was destroyed in the process of saving Thunder Lord. Eventually, we managed to get him out of the trap, but Thunder Lord still wanted to attack us.

Thunder crab, Myomenippe hardwickii

At this moment, Urban Forest felt that it's time to use his secret weapon, the Flash Box, which can emit a lightning flash to dazzle his opponents. But today was certainly not his day! His Flash Box took a splash, and lost its flash!

We finally decided to just get away from Thunder Lord and leave him alone for a while. He should regain his mind eventually.

As we got away, three old friends joined us.

Toadfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus

Toady (Weapon: Big Jaws)

Carpet anemone, Stichodactyla Haddoni

Carpet Anybody (Weapon: Sticky Blanket)

Sea hare

Purple Painter (Weapon: Ink Screen)

Was there a new mission for the team?

Stay tuned, to the Adventures of the Tide Chaser.

- For a more scientifically and politically correct verion, check out the Urban Forest blog.
- Thanks Ria for photos 1,4, 5 & 6 :)


Monkey said...

hahaa thanks ron for the very exciting, seat-gripping tale! i enjoyed it alot :P

Ron Yeo said...

Haha... I had quite a bit of fun writing it too :)

TS said...

hahahaha almost laugh off my seat!

shenjiaqing said...


Thanks for sharing your trips for all this while.

Ron Yeo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too :)