Monday, May 21, 2007

When it's raining on the shores...

What to do when you were out on the shores with no shelter and it started raining cats and dogs?

Solution 1: Put on your poncho, find a place to sit and stay away from trees. To pass time, you may complain about everything under the sun (or rather, in the rain).

Solution 2: Find a cave and squeeze in as many people as you can. Clearly, the cave below was not fully utilised. It should be possible to squeeze in one or two more people.

Solution 3: Be kiasu. Find a cave, and wear your poncho as well!


1. To ensure that you will have a comfortable experience hiding from the rain, you are advised to scan for caves the moment you reach the shore.

2. Small caves may not effectively shelter you from the rain, so when it starts raining , dash for the biggest cave, unless it's obvious that you can't reach the cave before the others.

3. If the cave is big enough, pretend to be a gentleman and let someone else enter the cave first. It will be very stuffy in the cave, especially when it's raining. The best position is some where in the middle, when the person at the back will be hot and stuffy, while the one in front can block the rain and wind for you.

If you have other brilliant ideas on what to do when it rains, feel free to add in the comments!


TS said...

Omg I hate getting wet! Even more are those mosquitoes ><

Careful of collasping cliffs! last those in Sentosa.. ;p

Ron Yeo said...

Hmmm... quite true... the landslides... But then again, it may actually be safer in the caves rather than outside when there is a landslide... The landslide may not cover up the cave, but if you are outside, you may actually be hit by the fallen trees and rocks. But yet if you stay too far from the cliff, there is the risk of lightning... hmmm... tough choice to make...

Ria Tan said...

My personal preference is for the poncho-and-complain option (as evident in the photo).

Additional points to bear in mind with regard to ponchos are

(a) Do choose one without too many holes.
(b) Avoid using the poncho that's been in the emergency gear for many seasons. It is likely to smell bad, be slimy and generally disgusting. Probably better to be wet.

Besides merely complaining, a poncho-user may also amuse herself by making fun of people hiding in caves.

Tossing rocks to encourage a landslide is also amusing but not advisable. Eventually the rain will stop and the poncho-user might get beat up.