Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sentosa's Real Underwater World

Went to Sentosa to visit its real and natural underwater world on Tuesday, 23 Jun, and did not had the time to blog until today. It's been a really busy week. So here's just a quick listing of some of the things we saw.

This little Flatworm is quite commonly spotted on our shores.

Spooner Crab (probably Leptodius sp.)
A Smooth Spooner Crab (Etisus laevimanus) which feeds on algae by scraping them off rocks with its pincers which have spoon-like tips.

Dendrodoris denisoni Nudibranch
Pretty little nudibranchs - Dendrodoris denisoni.

There were lots of Gobies which I did not had the time to find out the ID.

Mantis Shrimp
Spotted a few Mantis Shrimps, and here's one of them.

Coral Garden
A huge coral garden...

Kite Butterflyfish (Parachaetodon ocellatus)
I also found several Kite Butterflyfish (Parachaetodon ocellatus).

Pygmy Squid (Idiosepius sp.)
It was nice seeing this little Pygmy Squid (Idiosepius sp.) which was not camera-shy at all.

Barrel Sponge (Xestospongia testudinaria)
A rather huge Barrel Sponge (Xestospongia testudinaria).

Red Swimming Crab (Thalamita spinimana)
A very aggressive Red Swimming Crab (Thalamita spinimana).

Snake Eel (Pisodonophis crancrivorous)
We even found several Snake Eels (Pisodonophis crancrivorous), and here's one of them.

Snake Eel (Pisodonophis crancrivorous)
Here's a close-up.

Keyhole Limpet
Keyhole Limpet with a little crab.

Glossodoris atromarginata Nudibranch
A pair of Glossodoris atromarginata nudibranchs.

A very huge Flatworm about the length of my palm!

Sand Dollar (Arachnoides placenta)
There were lots of Sand Dollars (Arachnoides placenta) at the sandy area.

Xylopcarpus rumphii
There were at least 3 Xylopcarpus rumphii trees on this shore, and here're two of them.

Raffles' Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes rafflesiana)
Lots of Raffles' Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes rafflesiana) can be seen hanging off trees.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) id=
And of course, I always visit the Tongkat Ali plant (Eurycoma longifolia) whenever I visit this area.

Black Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa latipes)
My favourite shot of the day - a Black Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa latipes) in flight. Was rather surprised that my simple point-and-shoot camera managed to capture this shot :P

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