Saturday, October 02, 2010

Butterflies at Oh's Farm

It was bright and sunny when I reached Khatib MRT Station to meet up with a group of RMBR Nature Guides. Today, LK organised an education trip to Oh's Farm. The tour includes a look at the hydroponic farm, followed by the butterfly lodge in the farm.

Will attempt to ID some of the butterflies we saw here :)

Danaus chrysippus chrysippus - Plain Tiger

Cethosia cyane - Leopard Lacewing

Leopard Lacewing with the wings closed.

Papilio demoleus malayanus - Lime Butterfly

Lime Butterfly with the wings closed.

Eurema hecabe contubernalis - Common Grass Yellow

Chilasa clytia clytia - Common Mime

Papilio polytes romulus - Common Mormon

Pieris canidia canidia - Cabbage White, I think...

Idea sp.- Some kind of Tree Nymph from Taiwan, according to Mr Oh.

Hypolimnas bolina bolina - Great Eggfly

Great Eggfly with the wings closed.

Phalanta phalantha phalantha - Leopard

Acraea violae - Tawny Coster

Generally, it was a really interesting trip, and it's great being able to get photos of butterflies that hardly keep still when in the wild! :)

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