Saturday, October 02, 2010

Butterflies at Oh's Farm

It was bright and sunny when I reached Khatib MRT Station to meet up with a group of RMBR Nature Guides. Today, LK organised an education trip to Oh's Farm. The tour includes a look at the hydroponic farm, followed by the butterfly lodge in the farm.

Will attempt to ID some of the butterflies we saw here :)

Danaus chrysippus chrysippus - Plain Tiger

Cethosia cyane - Leopard Lacewing

Leopard Lacewing with the wings closed.

Papilio demoleus malayanus - Lime Butterfly

Lime Butterfly with the wings closed.

Eurema hecabe contubernalis - Common Grass Yellow

Chilasa clytia clytia - Common Mime

Papilio polytes romulus - Common Mormon

Pieris canidia canidia - Cabbage White, I think...

Idea sp.- Some kind of Tree Nymph from Taiwan, according to Mr Oh.

Hypolimnas bolina bolina - Great Eggfly

Great Eggfly with the wings closed.

Phalanta phalantha phalantha - Leopard

Acraea violae - Tawny Coster

Generally, it was a really interesting trip, and it's great being able to get photos of butterflies that hardly keep still when in the wild! :)


Pat said...

<< Idea p.- Some kind of Tree Nymph from Taiwan, according to Mr Oh.>>

Appears to be Idea leuconoe clara (Large Tree Nymph), which originates from Taiwan.

Unlike Idea stolli logani (Common Tree Nymph) which sports black spots along its wing tips, the former is larger & can be distingushed by its regular black-margined loops along the rear ends of its wing tips.

The native Idea leuconoe chersonesia (Mangrove Tree Nymph) is somewhat similar-looking but smaller, & its folded wings differ distinctly in outline. This subspecies is somewhat rare in S'pore & confined to mangrove habitats.

Idea leuconoe clara

Idea leuconoe chersonesia

Idea stolli logani

Ron Yeo said...