Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) Open House - 2-4 Dec 2010

The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research will be hosting an unprecedented three continuous days of open house and events to coincide with Explore Singapore! 2010. Visitors will get a chance to peep behind the scenes on what a curator does to prepare their specimens. Scientists from the museum will also be talking to visitors on the groups of animals they are working on. Various activities in the gallery will engage visitors to find out more about animals from Singapore and Southeast Asia.

A) How to get there?
The museum is located in NUS at the Science Faculty. Check out the location map. Free shuttle bus services are available hourly to and from Buona Vista MRT station and the museum from 9am to 5pm.

B) Are there any charges involved?
Admission to the museum is free. All activities are free. Some activities, however, required prior registrations.

C) What can we do there?

  1. Guided Tours – one-hour tours to be conducted by trained volunteer guides. There will be Gallery tours and Behind-the-scene tours. Tours are available on all three days of the open house. 40 places available per timing. Fixed schedules only.
  2. Scientists at work – Museum scientists will demonstrate how specimens are used for their research, and why is it important to collect specimens. Participants can talk to scientists about the specimens that they work on. 15 places available per timing. Fixed schedules only. Prior registration is required.
  3. A peek in the life of a museum curator – A series of hands-on activities that allow participants to have a glimpse of what a curator’s work is about. 15 places available per timing. Fixed schedules only. Prior registration is required.
  4. Show and Tell – These are projects where museum specimens have been used, highlighting the importance of a natural history museum. Posters and specimens will be put up in the gallery as additional exhibits, with presentations by researchers available at fixed schedules. Unlimited places.
  5. Gallery activities – Fun activities that participants, especially family groups, can take part in. Available from 9am to 5pm. Unlimited places.
    1. Treasure hunt – Seek for answers among the museum’s exhibits. Prizes to be won!
    2. Make your own museum buttons – participants can design, colour their own buttons, which will be made on the spot for them to keep.
D) Where to find the activity schedule?
You can download the schedule at

E) How to register for activities?
Details on how to sign up for activities can be found at


iml said...

Thank you so much for this interesting article. I definately will attend with my daughter. That is if I can register in time. Most of the slots are filled!

Shi Ern said...

For those of you who missed the chance to visit the museum, you still can see it online via a virtual tour here:
I hope it helps.