Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changi Over Three Days

We conducted a seashore ecology lesson for some secondary school girls over three days last week from 19-21 Jan 2011. The tide was not really very low, but we still managed to see a number of interesting stuff.

Here are some of the things we saw:

On the first day, I spotted a dead Ghost Crab near the shelter. Ghost crabs generally are more active at night, when there are fewer aerial predators.

At the rocky shore area, we looked under some of the rocks, and found a few Stone Crabs and Porcelain Crabs.

Down at the sandy shore, the Sand Star was just slowly emerging from the sand, as it got cooler and darker.

Several Moon Snails were spotted, prowling just underneath the sand, seeking for smaller snails and clams to feed on.

There were many Sand Dollars too. It can be rather difficult for people new to seashore exploration to spot these animals, as they usually hide just beneath the sand.

There were only a few Salmacis Sea Urchin. This sea urchin can stick algae, sea shells and other stuff on it for camouflage.

And our seeker actually found us 2 living watering pot shell!

The Pink Thorny Sea Cucumber was as abundant as usual.

Several of this little Translucent Sea Cucumber were spotted.

As it got darker, other bigger sea cucumbers started emerging from the sand. Still not quite sure what species is this.

And I also found a few Notable Sea Cucumbers!

The students found this poor Pebble Crab that had lost most of its legs.

Moon Crabs are another group of crabs that are more active at night, though we can see them sometimes in the day too.

Saw some markings in the sand, and on uncovering the sand, I found this pretty Olive Snail.

LK found this snail which I don't know the species.

We were really lucky that the lesson went on smoothly and the weather held, despite it being the monsoon season at the moment! :)

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