Sunday, February 20, 2011

NParks Contractor Cuts Down Only Caesalpinia bonduc on Mainland Singapore

Those of you who have been following my blog would remember that I found a locally critically endangered coastal climber, Caesalpinia bonduc, at Punggol Beach earlier this month.

I visited the plant again today, and this was what I saw.

The entire patch of coastal vegetation was cut down, and the Caesalpinia bonduc was barely alive!

Before NParks clear any vegetation, don't they get someone to double check if there are any endangered, or in this case, critically endangered plants among the vegetation?

It is really depressing to see that this has happened.

We have just lost the last Kandelia candel on mainland Singapore, so will this Caesalpinia bonduc suffer the same fate???

I informed NParks and they have taken measures to better protect the plant at Punggol by putting up some sticks for what's left of the plant. It was supposed to be rather hardy, so should be able to regrow well. NParks has also taken some cuttings of the plant to be grown in their nursery. I will also be passing them some of the seeds collected from Semakau. Would like to thank Mr Wong Tuan Wah, Geoffrey Davison, Shufen and other staff of the NParks conservation division for taking the necessary actions to better protect this critically endangered plant :)


Wee Foong said...

If it is of any consolation, Caesalpinia bonduc grows easily from cuttings...

Alethea said...

man this is so sad. :(