Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caesalpinia bonduc at Punggol on 24 July 2011

Today, I went back to Punggol Beach to check on the Grey Nicker (Caesalpinia bonduc) that was previously cut down by NParks contractors earlier this year.

It was good to see that it appeared to be regrowing well! There are only 3 known wild Grey Nicker in Singapore, one of which was this one at Punggol Beach, which I spotted earlier this year. I have informed the NParks Conservation Division people of its location, and hopefully the contractors won't mistake this rare plant for some common weed and cut it down again...

The two other plants can be found at Lazarus Island and Pulau Semakau.

The one at Lazarus was rather huge and healthy-looking. It's supposed to be a male plant.

So was the one at Semakau, which was a female plant. In fact, it was flowering the last time I visited it!

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