Monday, September 19, 2011

Bukit Brown Cemetery on 16 Sep 2011

Last Friday, we went to Bukit Brown Cemetery, hoping to spot the sambar deers as there were many reports of sightings there. We did not encounter any of them, unfortunately, though I just heard recently that there was a road kill nearby like a week ago! We still managed to see a number of interesting stuff though :)

This was the first time I saw such a huge whip spider in Singapore - the previous ones I saw were probably at most half the size! Despite the name, it is actually not a spider (order Araneae), but a related group of arachnids from the order Amblypygi.

This is a true spider, a tarantula! We saw several of them in their respective burrows.

There was also a scorpion on one of the trees.

And on the same tree, a few assassin bugs.

We saw several frogs around, though I only took photos of this cute banded bullfrog.

There were quite a few scops owls too, but they were quite shy and I only got a few photos.

The most abundant night bird here should be the nightjars - they were everywhere!

A few fruit bats were spotted.

I was really surprised to find a colugo here, as the vegetation was rather patchy with not many tall trees.

It was out on the news that this area will be developed soon. Wonder what will happen to the wildlife when that happen...

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