Friday, November 11, 2011

Piai Lasu (Acrostichum speciosum)

The Piai Lasu (Acrostichum speciosum) is a common species of mangrove fern, often found at seaward side of mangroves and in areas with mud lobster mounds.

Piai Lasu (Acrostichum speciosum)
The ferns form clumps up to 1.5m tall, and generally prefer shady areas.

Piai Lasu (Acrostichum speciosum)
The fronds have elongated pointed tips.

The other mangrove fern, Piai Raya (Acrostichum aureum), is much larger (up to 4m tall) and leaf tips are usually blunt.

Piai Lasu (Acrostichum speciosum
Like other ferns, they reproduce from spores, and large sporangia cover the undersides of fertile fronds.

The leaves are used for thatching.


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