Monday, March 31, 2008

IYOR Talk at North Vista Secondary

Earlier this afternoon, I was invited by North Vista Secondary School to give a talk on our splendid shores during their assembly.

And unlike my previous talk at Woodlands Ring Primary, I remembered to bring a camera this time round! Yehhhh....

However, you will notice that the photo above still couldn't make it. And that's because, while I remembered to bring a camera along, I forgot about the SD memory card! AAARRRGGGHHHH....

So in the end, I still had to take a photo of my audience with my miserable camera phone.

As you can see it the photo above, this time round I had a much larger audience compared with my previous talks.

And I must say the students at North Vista Secondary School were really GREAT! From the tag board, can see that a number of them have visited this blog too. Thanks!

Great to hear that the students enjoyed the talk! Sorry that I didn't really have much time to give more details about the shore animals highlighted in my slides though. Hopefully some of you can join our nature walks in future, so that I can properly share with you more about the interesting marine life we have on our shores.

And also hope that most, if not all the students who attended my talk today can remember what is LOVE Nature :)

If you are interested in my talks, just leave a message in the comments or the tagboard with your email address. Alternatively, you may visit the IYOR website for details on the other talks available and how to go about inviting the speakers.

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