Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ubin On A Rainy Day

I was supposed to guide a group of students on the Sensory Trail at Pulau Ubin today, but unfortunately it started raining even before the students meet us, and they eventually decided to cancel the walk when the rain didn't stop after quite a while.

As the rain wasn't really that heavy, AW and I decided to go ahead and bring one of the new guides, B, for a walk along the trail.


I was delighted to see some many juicy fruits on the mulberry bush. Used to have them when I was living in a kampong last time. Coincidentally, I just bought a bottle of mulberry drink earlier at one of the provision shops at Changi Village! This plant is also called the silkworm mulberry because silkworms feed on its leaves.

Citronella flowers and bee

Many of the plants along the trail were flowering, including the citronella. Here's a bee attracted to its flowers. Oil extracted from the citronella can be made into insect repellent.

Garlic vine flowers

The garlic vines have lovely, purple-coloured flowers. The leaves are sometimes used as a substitute for garlic, and they taste somewhat similar.

Beetle in garlic vine flower

In one of the flowers, I found a cute little beetle. Was it seeking shelter from the rain? Hmm...


I finally remembered to take a photo of this hibiscus in its white phase. The flower will slowly turn pink towards late morning, and eventually become dark pink in colour at the end of the day.


The honeysuckle was flowering too. This plant is also called the "gold and silver" flower by the Chinese due to the differences in the colour of the newer and older flowers.

These are the flowers of the sandpaper vine (Tetracera indica) which was also creeping around the same bush.

More wild flowers which I have no clue of its name... Look like little hairy balls to me. Quite cute :P

If I can remember correctly, I think this is related to the morning glory. The flowers are much smaller though - about the size of a 50 cent coin.

White melastoma, Singapore rhododendron

White melastoma - a refreshing change from the usual pink ones more commonly seen.


EO, who's leading a sensory trail group earlier, spotted this snake, which we have no idea of its species. Looks like it just ate something. (Update: According to SJ, this should be a dog-toothed cat snake. Thanks SJ for the ID!)

Lynx spider

AW spotted this lynx spider which we thought was probably guarding its eggs. Anyway, they're always excellent models for macro shots!

After we completed the Sensory Trail, AW decided to drive over to Chek Jawa to meet up with our others friends who were guiding there for the Naked Hermit Crabs. And at the entrance to Chek Jawa, we saw this pretty stink bug while we're looking at the fruits of the wild ixora.

Stink bug, shield bug

Somehow this reminds me of a Japanese samurai.

Stink bug, shield bug

Here's a closer look at this pretty bug.

On our way back to Ubin Town, we went pass T & J who went cycling after bringing a group for a walk at the Sensory Trail. Always feel good to see this loving couple :)

And after this, it's all the way back to the Ubin restaurant which serves my favourite fried calamari and kampong chicken :P

In fact, it's durian season on Ubin too! Interestingly, durians were from the same plant family as the hibiscus.

Anyway, we bought 2 super delicious durians from one of the shops, and makan them over lunch. And YES! What a wondering way to end the day!

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