Wednesday, September 23, 2009

International Coastal Cleanup at St John's Island

It's a public holiday on 21 Sep 2009, but that did not stop volunteers from Deutsche Bank and the coordinators from RMBR Nature Guides to clean up the mangroves and beaches of St John's Island as part of International Coastal Cleanup Singapore!

5 of the volunteers were deployed to clean up the mangrove area, which was smaller than the beach area as most part of the mangroves were in a restricted area, and we can only access a small part.

The other volunteers were out cleaning up the shore next to the jetty.

After about an hour of cleaning up, we managed to scan through most part of the small beach, and decided to call it a day.

After weighing the trash collected, we had to bring them to the bins near the jetty, as per arranged with the Tropical Marine Science Institute and Sentosa management.

There were quite a bit glass and porcelain products among the trash, and so even though we only filled up a few trash bags, they were really heavy!

Not to be deceived by the size of the bag, this smallest bag was in fact the heaviest, about 30kg!

After the hard work, it's time for the traditional photo-taking with the trash collected.

It was a small team, but everyone had put in their utmost effort and it was definitely a very successful and meaningful event! Good job, everyone!

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