Friday, September 25, 2009

RMBR Nature Guides Recruitment

Have you been wanting to volunteer for nature but don't know where to begin?

Sign up to be an RMBR Nature Guide!

As an RMBR Nature Guide, you will be required to help guide visitors during our various public intertidal walks.

Please ensure that you are able to commit to guide at least 4 times a year before you sign up. Our walks are usually conducted on weekends or public holidays.

Training will be provided, covering mostly the guiding techniques, and so do be prepared to read up on your own to improve you knowledge on our intertidal areas and their organisms. At the end of the training, guides will be required to write a guiding script and go for on-the-job training.

Please also ensure that you are able to attend the training below before you sign up:

24 Oct, Sat:
0900-1100hrs - Semakau Background and Common Session on Classification
1130-1330hrs - Ecosystems of Semakau, SOP, Guiding Technique & Script Writing

31 Oct, Sat:
1400-1600hrs - Guiding Practical

Note that we will be interviewing all applicants to understand what are their expectations, and also to ensure that that they understand what is required to be a guide.

If you are 15 years old and above, and is keen to become a nature guide after reading the above, please send the following details to by 1 Oct 2009:

- Full name
- NRIC or passport number
- gender
- nationality
- date of birth
- mobile number
- home number
- occupation
- email address you prefer to be contacted at
- name and contact of next of kin (for emergency contact)
- Imagine that you are a guide, and you are tasked to explain to your participants about these 3 organisms: sand-sifting sea star, nudibranch and seagrass. Write a short para on each of these organism as if you are talking to the participants.

After we receive your application, we will contact you to fix a date and time to meet up for a little chat.

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