Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pulau Tioman with Nature Explorers - Day 3

On Day 3, we started with a freshwater stream survey, and in the afternoon, the students had to conduct a little research project of their own.

We conducted our survey at 2 sites - one downstream, and the other upstream. There were 2 ways to conduct the survey - Rock & Roll, and Sweeping. To find out more about these 2 ways, you will have to join our Tioman field camp!

But anyway, it appeared that the diversity downstream was higher!

Flat-headed Mayfly (Family Heptageniidae) larva
We found quite a number of insect larvae, one of which was this Flat-headed Mayfly (Family Heptageniidae) larva. This mayfly breeds mainly in fast-flowing streams.

Damselfly (Suborder Zygoptera) nymph
This is probably a damselfly (Suborder Zygoptera) nymph.

Have no idea what this is... Initially thought that this was a also some kind of damselfly nymph, but now really doubt. Will have to check it up.

Caseless Caddisfly (Order Trichoptera) larvae
There were a few caseless Caddisfly (Order Trichoptera) larvae too.

Tioman Freshwater Crab (Johora tiomanensis)
We also saw quite a number Tioman Freshwater Crab (Johora tiomanensis). This crab is endemic to Pulau Tioman.

Unknown crustacean
One of the groups found this crustacean, which I thought the body shape looked really much like a crayfish, but lacks the 2 big claws. Really wonder what this is.

There were a number of freshwater shrimps. This was one of the biggest one we found, but not really sure what it was though.

Caridina Shrimps
Caridina Shrimps (Caridina spp.) were very common here, and they were supposed to be a good indicator of clean water!

Freshwater Nerite (Neritina sp.)
We also found a number of Freshwater Nerites (Neritina sp.).

Could this be some species of freshwater goby?

Freshwater Halfbeak
There were many freshwater halfbeaks too!

After surveying the downstream, we moved upstream to the second site. The water conditions here didn't look as good as site 1 though. Apparently, holidaymakers often swim and even bathe here!

Macrobrachium Shrimp
We found many Macrobrachium Shrimps (Macrobrachium spp.) here. These shrimps are able to tolerate murkier water.

Caridina Shrimp
There were Caridina Shrimps too, but were certainly not as numerous as site 1.

Water Striders (Family Gerridae)
Skating on the waer wurface were plenty of Water Striders (Family Gerridae).

Water bugs
One of the groups found quite a lot of these pretty water bugs.

Tioman Freshwater Crab
There were Tioman Freshwater Crabs too, and one group even found this really small one.

Tioman Freshwater Crab
But of course, there were the really big ones too.

Stonefly (Order Plecoptera) larva
We also found a few Stonefly (Order Plecoptera) larvae.

After the 2 surveys, we sat around on the big rocks to discuss the significance of the results.

In the afternoon, the students did their own little research project, and had to present their results in the evening.

And this was the top team - Yuzhen and Qinrong from RGS! Rachelle and Yiishan from Nanyang Girls came in a close second, but unfortunately, I did not take any photos of them!!! Oooops!!! Sorry!

Anyway, was rather sad when the study camp came to an end. It was a very tiring trip, but certainly, there's a lot of fun interacting with so many young nature lovers too! :)

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that girl said...

Hi! I believe you are right about the insect which you suspected was a damselfly nymph. The caudal filaments probably dropped off but the general body shape and bugly eyes still give it away. this one might be in the last few instars as you can see its wingpads already developed (: